ATSHA206A - Micochips

Lanka 2022-12-12

The ATSHA206A is a Microchip CryptoAuthenticationTM device primarily dedicated to consumable applications and ecosystem control. The device has five slots and a preassigned configuration that reduces development time and the time-to-market for specific use cases. The ATSHA206A is a true two-wire device that is powered parasitically through the single-wire interface signal. The device comes in a number of custom packaging solutions and has a built-in decoupling capacitor providing an attractive solution for a wide variety of applications where the accessory may or may not require an actual PCB and the space is limited.

  • • Consumable Authentication Device
  • • SHA-256 Hash Algorithm with 256-bit Keys
  • • 248-byte EEPROM for Configuration, Keys and Data
  • – Data Zone: 5 slots of 32 bytes each
  • – Configuration Zone: 88 bytes for counting, locks and serial number
  • • Data Zone Features:
  • – Parent key slot
  • – Derived key slot
  • – Three dedicated storage slots.
  • • High-Speed, Single-Wire Interface with Parasitic Power
  • • On-Die Integrated Bypass Capacitor to allow for Parasitic Power Operation
  • • 1,024 Maximum uses. Can be configured for a lesser amount.
  • • 2.5V to 4.5V Supply Voltage Range
  • • <150 nA Sleep Current
  • • Unique Packaging Solutions:
  • – 2-Pad VSFN contact package for mechanical attachment without PCB
  • – 8-Pad UDFN for prototyping and early development.
  • – 4-ball WLCSP, 2 x 2 Grid with a 0.4 mm ball pitch (contact Microchip Sales for more information)